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Postgraduate in sports management Postgraduate in sports management

Postgraduate in

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The best distance learning postgraduate programme in sports management in Europe and the second best in the World.

Sport Business

The best distance Postgraduate in Sport Management

Have you ever dreamed of managing a club or coordinating a marketing or financial team of a sports organization? How about being a promoter of high-level competitions? Whatever your goal is in the sports management of entities, organizations or events, Unisport’s Postgraduate Degree in Sport Management has your name on it.

With a total of 1,500 teaching hours, this Postgraduate in Sport Management will allow you to learn about sports from a business, commercial and organizational point of view. All this through a flexible methodology. During your training at Unisport, you will enjoy personalized attention, professional internships and employment support. You will learn in-depth about the sports industry beyond physical activity.

In addition, the Postgraduate in Sport Management will open the doors to international technical internships to share talent beyond your borders.

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Double degree unisport & ucam

With our Postgraduate in Sports Management, you will get the qualification of Unisport and the university accreditation of the UCAM*.

*Consult accreditation conditions

Characteristics of the Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Management

working in the sport field

who know first-hand the reality of the sports business world.

One to one

that will allow you to broaden your knowledge and clarify any doubts.

available 24 hours a day

so you can study at your own pace, regardless of your lifestyle.

Live and
streaming classes

so you won’t miss a thing.


in sports companies to put your new knowledge into practice.


Managing Director (CEO) of Sports Companies 3.000 € to 7.000 €
Marketing/Communication Manager 750 € to 2.300 €
Financial Manager 1.000 € to 4.100 €
Sports Facilities Manager 800 € to 2.400 €
Sports Activities Manager 1.500 € to 3.500 €
Security and Protocol Manager 1.500 € to 3.500 €
Human Resources Manager 900 € to 3.000 €
Director of Applications 1.500 € to 3.500 €
Event Promoter 800 € to 1.500 €
Sports Manager 1.500 € to 3.500 €
Race Manager 1.500 € to 3.500 €
Sponsorship Manager 1.500 € to 3.500 €
Volunteer Coordinator 1.000 € to 2.500 €
Ticketing and Hospitality Manager 1.500 € to 3.500 €

Our graduates work here

Postgraduate in Sports Management Programme

1. Introduction to sport management
2. Strategic management of sport
3. Sport marketing and sponsorship
4. Economic and financial management in sport
5. Management of sports facilities
6. Management of sport events
7. Sports law
8. People management and leadership in sport
9. Innovation, technology and entrepreneurship in sport
10. Sport models
11. Final degree Project
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We boost your future as a sports manager

Unisport students can enjoy exclusive services to enhance their employability in the sports communication field.

Thanks to our optional internship program, our students can apply the knowledge acquired in the Postgraduate Degree in Sports Communication and Journalism.
In addition, at Unisport, we filter daily offers from different job portals to offer you a selection of opportunities that fit your new profile: sports writers, sports event announcers, digital content managers, etc.

Moreover, as a member of the #UnisportCommunity through the International Technical training, you will expand your network of contacts and improve your employability. Thanks to a one-week traineeship in sports organizations worldwide, you will learn what it’s like to manage companies in the sector from the inside.

At Unisport, we inspire futures.


94% of our students say they are very satisfied with the training they have received at Unisport.

About Unisport

The first business school in the sports sector
Leading the future of sports since 1994
Best training offer in Europe according to the SportBusiness Postgraduate Ranking
Official Training School of RC Deportivo de La Coruña
Collaborators of the CSD (Superior Sports Council of Spain)

Frequently asked questions

There are several options to study Sports Management. One of the most recognized is the Postgraduate in Sports Management offered by Unisport, which provides a dual degree by the UCAM and is considered the top online Postgraduate in Sports Management in Europe and the second best in the world, according to the SportBusiness Postgraduate Ranking.

Sports Management is responsible for the planning, organization, direction, and control of sports entities, competitions, or sports organizations. Its objective is to ensure the success of sports projects and to optimise the available resources to achieve the entity’s goals. In short, Sports Management serves to professionalize and optimise the sports sector.

A Postgraduate in Sports Management is a specialised training program focused on the comprehensive management of all types of entities, organizations, and events in the sports sector. These programs typically last 1 to 2 years and provide theoretical and practical training in areas such as economic and financial management, sports marketing, personnel management, management of sports activities and events, sports security, and protocol, among others.

Studying a Postgraduate in Sports Management is an excellent option for those who want to develop their professional career in the field of sports administration and management. These programmes offer specialised training in specific areas of the sports sector and allow students to acquire the management and leadership skills necessary to lead sports teams and projects. Moreover, it is a growing sector with a high demand for highly qualified professionals.

To become a sports manager, it is necessary to have specialized training such as economic and financial management, sports marketing, personnel management, management of sports activities and events, and sports safety and protocol, among others. It is recommended to study a Postgraduate in Sports Management, such as the one offered by Unisport, which provides comprehensive and updated training in all these areas.

The salary of a Sports Management professional can vary depending on the company or sports entity they work for, as well as their experience and skills. According to a study conducted by the consulting firm Adecco, sports managers’ salaries range from £25,000 to £45,000 per year, depending on the size and complexity of the sports entity or company they work for. In addition, it is possible to receive additional income through commissions, bonuses, or sponsorships.

A Sports Management professional has access to a wide variety of career opportunities, such as CEO of sports companies, sports director, marketing and communications manager, finance manager, sports facilities director, sports activities manager, security and protocol manager, human resources manager, bidding director, events director, event promoter, sports manager, sponsorship manager, volunteer coordinator, ticket sales manager and hospitality manager, among others.

The Postgraduate in Sports Management offered by Unisport is the best option for those who want to focus their professional career on sports administration and management. It is a comprehensive and up-to-date program that offers specialised training in all main areas of the sports sector. Additionally, it is accredited by the UCAM and has been recognized as the best online Postgraduate in Sports Management in Europe and the second best in the world, according to the SportBusiness Postgraduate Ranking. Therefore, it can be said that the Postgraduate in Sports Management from Unisport is worthwhile for those seeking quality education in this field.