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Postgraduate in communication & journalism Postgraduate in communication & journalism

Postgraduate in
Sports Communication and Journalism

Next start date: JULY 2024 Limited Spots
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Best Online Postgraduate in Sports Communication and Journalism

The Postgraduate in Communication and Sports Journalism aims to develop communication skills and professional specialization within this area. From the hand of Unisport, you will learn to communicate in any medium with rigor and objectivity and acquire the necessary skills to lead a communication department.

With 1,500 hours of teaching, this program will allow you to enjoy a distance and flexible methodology where you will have personalized attention and continuous monitoring of your progress by an individual tutor.

In addition, during your training, you can access up to 300 hours of internships in companies and carry out a one-week international technical training.

Follow your passion and become a communication professional specializing in sports.

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Double degree unisport & ucam

With our Postgraduate in Communication and Sports Journalism, you will obtain the proper diploma of Unisport and the university accreditation of UCAM *

*Consult accreditation conditions

Characteristic of the Postgraduate in Communication and Sports Journalism

working in the sport field

who know first-hand the reality of the sports business world.

One to one

that will allow you to broaden your knowledge and clarify any doubts.

available 24 hours a day

so you can study at your own pace, regardless of your lifestyle.

Live and
streaming classes

so you won’t miss a thing.


in sports companies to put your new knowledge into practice.

Career opportunities and salary range

Sports media editor 800€ to 2.500 €
Communications manager for professional organisations 1.500€ to 3.500 €
Sports event announcer 500€ to 2.000 € per event or transmission
Sports commentator 1.000€ to 3.000 €
Press officer in sports clubs and companies 1.500€ to 3.500 €
Presenter 1.000€ to 5.000 €
Community manager 900€ to 1.300 €
Sport Social Media manager 900€ to 1.300 €
Digital content manager 1.050€ to 1.900 €

Our graduates work here

Postgraduate in Communication and Sports Journalism Programme

1. Professional profiles of the sports journalist
2. Sport competitions and their impact on the media
3. Sports language in different media
4. Genres and journalistic techniques according to the media I
5. Genres and journalistic techniques according to the media II
6. Sports journalism and professional entrepreneurship on the Internet
7. Ethics in sports journalism
8. Research Projects in Sports Journalism
9. Introduction to corporate communication in sport
10. Internal communication, needs and strategies
11. Press office and the relationship with traditional media
12. Social networks and communication in Internet age
13. Valuable content, loyalty and distribution techniques
14. Corporate Social Responsibility and Events Organisation
15. Introduction to social networks in the sporting environment
16. Social Networking and Sports
17. The Social Networking plan
18. Social Media Management
19. Planning and management of Social Networking campaigns
20. Content management
21. Social Media Advertising
22. Social Media Analytics
23. Society and sport
24. Violence in Sport
25. Sport and Gender
26. Organization of sport
27. Major sporting events
28. Olympic Ceremony
29. Introduction to Protocol and Ceremony
30. Sport and new communicators
31. Technology applied to sport and data analysis
32. System of sports law
33. Final thesis
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We inspire your future as a sports communicator

Unisport students can enjoy exclusive services to enhance their employability in the sports communication field.

Thanks to our optional internship program, our students can apply the knowledge acquired in the Postgraduate Degree in Sports Communication and Journalism.
In addition, at Unisport, we filter daily offers from different job portals to offer you a selection of opportunities that fit your new profile: sports writers, sports event announcers, digital content managers, etc.

Moreover, as a member of the #UnisportCommunity through the International Technical training, you will expand your network of contacts and improve your employability. Thanks to a one-week traineeship in sports organizations worldwide, you will learn what it’s like to manage companies in the sector from the inside.

At Unisport, we inspire futures.


94% of our students say they are very satisfied with the training they have received at Unisport.

About Unisport

The first business school in the sports sector
Leading the future of sports since 1994
Best training offer in Europe according to the SportBusiness Postgraduate Ranking
Official Training School of RC Deportivo de La Coruña
Collaborators of the CSD (Superior Sports Council of Spain)

Frequently asked questions

Studying for a Postgraduate in Sports Journalism and Communication will allow you to develop the necessary skills and competencies to specialise in the sports field and lead a communication department. You will learn to communicate with rigour and objectivity in any media, as well as to use the language of sports journalism to create communication and sports information projects for publication and dissemination through various tools and formats available for press, radio, television, and digital media. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to work in an exciting and dynamic sector, surrounded by individuals who share the same passion for sports.

At Unisport, we offer the Postgraduate in Sports Journalism and Communications, an official programme that allows you to develop communication skills within the sports environment and specialise in this field to become a sports journalist. Our programme, with 1,500 teaching hours, is designed to develop the necessary skills to lead a communication department. This programme is taught online, allowing you to study from anywhere in the world.

To enrol in the Postgraduate in Sports Journalism and Communication at Unisport, you don’t need a prior qualification. The essential requirement is to have a passion for sports and the dedication necessary to meet the demands of this profession. However, to get the most of our programme, it is recommended to have previous knowledge of journalism, writing, and communication.

A sports journalist can work in various fields, from specialised sports media to communication departments of clubs, sports entities, or professional athlete teams. Furthermore, the advent of social media has opened opportunities for the development of profiles and platforms dedicated to sports reporting on social networks, which represents a new professional field for sports journalists.

The price range for a Postgraduate in Sports Journalism and Communication varies widely depending on the type of programme and the country where it is studied, with costs exceeding £15,000. You can find the price information on our website. Additionally, we offer payment facilities and training grants to ensure access to our program without financial concerns.

The Postgraduate in Sports Journalism and Communication at Unisport has a duration of 1,500 hours and corresponds to 60 ECTS credits. The programme is designed to allow you to study at your own pace, with a flexible online methodology that adapts to your needs.

Unisport’s Postgraduate Degree in Sports Journalism and Communication prepares you to work as a sports media editor, head of communication in professional organisations, sports event announcer, sports commentator, press officer for sports clubs and companies, presenter, community manager, sports social media manager, digital content manager, and other fields related to sports communication. In addition, as a member of the Unisport Community, you will have access to our internship programme in companies and sports organisations, which will allow you to apply the knowledge acquired during your studies and test your skills in a real environment. You will also have access to our job search engine focused on the sports sector, along with support services for entrepreneurship, including validation of business models, search for funding, training and acceleration of innovative projects related to sports.

The Postgraduate in Sports Journalism and Communication at Unisport is an excellent choice for specialising in Sports Journalism. Our programme offers a flexible online methodology tailored to your lifestyle, an optimised virtual campus accessible 24/7 from any device, individual tutoring, up-to-date teaching materials, and individual sessions with active professionals through video conference. Moreover, the postgraduate programme provides up to 300 hours of internships in companies, international technical internships, and opportunities.

To be a football broadcaster, it is necessary to have a broad and deep knowledge of the sport in question, in this case, football. In addition, it is also essential to possess communication skills such as good diction, the ability to improvise, verbal fluency and the ability to analyse and synthesise. In Unisport’s Postgraduate Degree in Sports Journalism and Communication, you will acquire skills and knowledge in sports journalism, sports journalistic language in different media and management of social networks and social media tools applied to sports, which can be of great help to those interested in becoming football commentators.